Karen McBeth
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Her legacy
From newspaper circa 1964: ..."The women's ski team from WSU finished second in combined results in Class 2 events at the annual PNW intercollegiate Ski Meet at Schweitzer Basin.... Karen Leedy of WSU led Class 2 Skiers in individual standings with a combined point score of 194.89. (other WSU skiers ranked behind her starting with Karen Klumb at seventh place with only 11.04 points!- Al)

..."Miss Leedy won the slalom in total time of 1:25.3 and finished third in the giant slalom in 1:15:35."
The kids  
Karen's true "legacy" in that something she left us with, was that of the hundreds, maybe thousands, of kids that she and the programs she nurtured, help save from prison. Obviously some didn't make it out. The debt we, as a society, and those kids, now adults owe her and the others that worked with her, is truly impossible to measure. It is a vastly underpaid and under appreciated gift, in light of the current governments' lack of sympathy for almost anyone unfortunate enough to be born poor in this enormously rich land of ours. The savings to our society, both in relatively easy to measure things like reducing prison costs, and the savings in lowered future crime, but ultimately the growth of healthy individuals who hopefully create loving relationships, strong families and working societys, is too vast to measure. Like counting the drops of rain in the ocean.
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